Some Frequently Asked Questions - Answered!

We've compiled some questions and answers to help you find out more about
synthetic ice rinks and other Leisure Skate services...
with children and grown-ups alike!

What Can I Expect from Leisure Skate?

The best service and quality of product within the Ice Rink Hire Industry. We understand that there are many other companies out there and hiring something that you have never had before can be very daunting, however, we are always willing to help. With over 20 years in the skating industry, you can be sure that you will get the best advice, highest quality equipment
and fully experienced trained staff. We strive for every event to run as smoothly as possible, which starts with the first point of contact with our company. As everything is in house and not hired in you can be rest assured that once your booking is confirmed that the rink is assigned to your Event.

Are Leisure Skate Staff First Aid Trained?

At least one member of our rink crew is first aid certificated and CRB checked.

Is Leisure Skate Ice Real Ice?

This is a skating surface and not real ice, as real ice is very expensive, time consuming to build and environmentally damaging. Our synthetic ice rinks are kinder to the environment and are a great substitute for the real thing. Both novices and professionals use our product and we have a proven 100% safety record.

What Is A Synthetic Ice Rink?

An synthetic or artificial ‘ice’ surface comprises of 1m x 1m, high density plastic panels, which are connected together using rods to form a smooth skating surface. These floor panels, which, in our experience, provide the safest and flattest skating surface, are far superior to the ‘jigsaw’ rinks. Our barriers are also locked into the floor surface, ensuring a far safer skating

What Is The Difference Between Real & Synthetic Ice?

Apart from cost and the environmental impact, our rinks can be put up in a short amount of time. Our synthetic rinks can be installed for just a few hours or for as long as you like. There are no hidden costs as there is no need for costly generators and chillers. The synthetic ice allows us to be able to bring the experience of skating to many more childrens and adults
by taking it to their own community or town centre.

What Surface Can A Synthetic Rink Be Laid On?

A synthetic ice rink can go on any surface but ideally it needs to be on a flat, firm, level area. If it is not firm, flat and even or if it is on grass then all that is required is a ¾” butted joint wooden base, which can be provided.

Do I Need to Supply Anything?

All clients need to supply is power, in the form of a 13amp socket, lighting
(if the rink is to be used after darkness) and non-operational security (ie, if
your rink will be there overnight and is not secure).

How Long Does The Rink Installation Take?

Dependable on size and obstructions but a 9×8 will take approx 2-3hrs and a 12×12 3-4hrs.

What Kind Of Insurance Does Leisure Skate Provide?

Leisure Skate provides £10 million public liability insurance cover and we also have a 100% safety record after more than 20 years in operation, of which we are very proud.

Do You Carry Out Risk Assessments?

Once you have agreed your event with us we will send you risk assessments, method statements and a copy of our insurance policy, if required.

Do You Provide Special Rates for Schools?

Yes we do! Being able to install Leisure Skate rinks for children is very important to us and we want to provide the opportunity & joy of skating to as many boys & girls as possible. Please contact us directly for our Terms & Conditions for School Hire.

Do Leisure Skate Cater for People With Disability?

We include the provision of a ‘disabled’ skate chair, which allows those individuals with special needs or restricted to wheelchairs to take full advantage of the ice rink attraction.

Can We Charge Customers to Skate?

The Customer may charge the public to participate, but must provide the appropriate staff to  collect the money.

How Long is a Typical Skating Session?

In our experience a good session time is 25 mins. This allows for a smooth changeover of skaters.

Can I Use A Leisure Skate Rink to Advertise?

Yes, it is possible to put up advertising banners on the inside of the ice rink using a peelable vinyl. This is also a great way for gaining sponsorship for your ice rink. You can also attach advertising on the outside of the rink!

For What Type of Event Is A Leisure Skate Rink For?

Pretty much anything you like! Our rinks are used for various events including photo shoots, Christmas fares, carnival floats, fetes, staff parties, hotels, weddings, school fun days, film and TV productions, Council events, product launches, corporate parties, team building, and many, many more.

Is it Possible to Have Different Sizes of Rink?

As our rinks are modular and we have a vast experience and knowledge of different events, we can work to whatever you require and can arrange a site visit if required. We do have  standard size packages but can also build a rink to your size and requirements. Please ask for details.

Can A Rink Be Located Indoors As Well As Outside?

You can have our rinks inside or outside as long as there is adequate access.

Isn’t A Skating Rink Purely for Winter Use?

Absolutely not! As the rinks are synthetic they can be used at any time of the year!

Do Leisure Skate Install Rinks Outside Major Cities?

We cover the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland and Eire. For other locations outside of the UK, please contact us with your requirements.

What is Glide Agent?

Glide agent is applied to the synthetic rink surface and enhances the skating experience. Only a light mist is applied to the floor and is replenished as required during the hire period.

What Size Skates Do You Provide?

Our skates range from Children Size 8 to Adult Size 12. However we have our special double blade bob-skates for the toddlers under shoe Size 8 to wear over their own shoes.

What Other Equipment Do You Provide?

As well as the rink, safety barriers and staff, we also provide our push along Penguin Ice Scooter as a novelty attraction for children to use as well as our Slippy, our polar bear mascot, which makes an appearance through your event day and is always extremely popular with children and adults alike. Our standard package provides a snow machine, PA system, benches and covered skate hire area but we can also provide, at additional cost, log cabins, artificial snow dressing, Christmas decorations and any other equipment that you may require. Please contact us with your requirements.

Why should I choose Leisure Skate Ltd?

Leisure Skate has over 20 years experience in the industry in both real and synthetic ice rinks. Our experience has allowed us to achieve a 100% safety record is and we always strive to provide the best skating experience for your event. We put a large amount of time and effort into our customer’s requirements to ensure that their event is as hassle free and enjoyable as
they expect.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions not already covered here, please feel free to call us on 01775 766 999 or email us.